At Isla Pasión we support the work of Mexican artisans while taking care of our endangered species.

Traditional Mexican crafts are a mixture of native techniques and designs. They are handmade objects produced out of several materials, and a valuable part of our Mexican identity. However, strong competition with industrial products and imitations has affected artisans and the permanence of their work.
On the other hand, the world is going through an environmental disruption period where hundreds of species are disappearing. Mexico is not exempt from this trend, and being one of the five most megadiverse countries in the world, this threat is particularly concerning. In Cozumel, we are privileged to have three endemic species. However, one of them, the Pygmy Raccoon, is currently listed as a Critically Endangered Species.
Being aware of these problems, we started to work jointly with artisans Álvaro Santillán and Jazmín Juárez, to promote crafts and raise consciousness about the fragility of our environment. Both artisans have more than 30 years of experience, and have been recognized for their work in several festivals throughout the country. They decided to represent the playfulness of the Pygmy Raccoon through a Mojiganga, an oversized and colorful mask typically used in Central Mexico’s carnivals. These Mojigangas will be all around Downtown Cozumel, where visitors will be able to take pictures with them.


Why we choose a raccoon?

The Pygmy Raccoon is an endemic species to Cozumel and, therefore, to Isla Pasión; their main habitat is mangroves and, in areas as sparsely populated as the islands, they become very social and coexist closely with the population.
Several factors have made this raccoon an endangered species, that is why it is currently protected by environmental laws and regulations. Those who have visited us at Isla Pasión will surely have seen some of these adorable little fellows in the surroundings, sometimes cleaning their food on the beach, walking among the trees in search for some fruit to eat and even looking from a distance  at some of the weddings that take place in our beach.
For every ticket sold to Isla Pasión, we will invest 1.50 USD in the preservation of the Pygmy Raccoon.
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